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Individual House

The object designed in located in Tabakhmela village, Tbilisi; according to the city planning parameters, within the plot area of 1259 square meters space the maximal space of the development is 629.5 square meters; as per the customer1s will, it was decided to lower the space of the annex up to 337.5 square meters. The project building is in the middle of the land plot, which made interesting division of recreation areas during the designing; the territory was divided into three recreation areas: I recreation area, through which we can enter the designed object; II recreation area contains summer pool, that is admitted by a central hall of the building; the II area is located on the 3.60 index of the territory. The I and II areas are divided into the levels which in their turns makes the landscape very interesting; we enter the I floor through the tambour and appear to the central hall. The II floor is located on the +3.30 index; the mentioned area contains the poolroom. According to the architectural solutions it was decided to accomplish the open space between the I and II floors, which will certainly make interesting the issue of a space solution; such kind of solution supports to harmonization with the environment.